About the People’s Parliament

While world leaders meet at the UN climate summit in Paris, Australia’s politicians are putting the big polluters ahead of the people that they were elected to represent. They are prioritising dirty coal and gas ahead of healthy communities and a safe climate.

So that’s why hundreds of people peacefully occupied Parliament House with their very own People’s Parliament — a Parliament that is for and by the People, a Parliament that puts people ahead of Polluters, a Parliament that recognises the need to stand up for what is right, and to work for climate justice for all.

From farmers, parents and workers, to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and young people, together we are stepping up to demand that our politicians keep fossil fuels in the ground so that we can have a liveable future.

The People’s Parliament is just the beginning. In 2016, people everywhere will continue to take action like this until our politicians do what is right. With a Federal Election around the corner, they ignore us at their peril.

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On December 2nd, 250 Australians held a People’s Parliament inside Parliament House - calling upon our Politicians to put People ahead of the big polluters in Paris.

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